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So You Want A Malamute?

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Great! You've seen them on TV, in the movies, or have been to a dog show or two. Maybe you just met a pair in the park or a puppy in a pet store and said to yourself . . . "I want a Malamute!" Now that you know what you like, you need to ask [...]

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What age dog fits my life-style?

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Once you've made the decision to get a dog, you need to decide whether a puppy or adult would be the best choice. Each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Adult Dogs: With older adults, you need to obtain as much factual history on the animal as possible, to know what you're getting. Find [...]

Male or Female? Spay or Neuter?

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Selecting a male vs, female puppy is strictly a personal decision, although the following points should be taken into consideration: When male hormones really kick in (between 6-12 months of age), he will begin lifting his leg to urinate and marking vertical surfaces (sometimes even furniture in the house). Neutering will help prevent this. Females usually [...]

Where can you find a malamute?

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Without a doubt, the best possible place to buy a puppy is from the breeder who whelped the litter, gave them their shots, wormed them, socialized them, watched them develop unique personalities and kept detailed records. Just as there are many ways to buy a car, there are many ways to buy a puppy. But remember, [...]

How do I find the right breeder?

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Once you've determined the best breed for you, and assuming you've decided to buy a puppy rather than an adult, it's time to start looking for a breeder. There are several ways to locate a breeder. Some breeders may not advertise. They may be able to sell an entire litter (before it's born!) by word of [...]

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