Akaila Puppies

Akaila breedings are done with the goal of improving on the qualities of the future generation, while remaining true to the blueprint of the breed as provided in the AKC Standard. Each litter is carefully planned giving consideration to both the physical and mental Characteristics of the parents.

Health testing to include hip xray clearance by OFA, yearly genetic eye screening exams (CAER), and genetic testing for polyneuropathy (PN) is performed to provide the best possible outcome in the future puppies. Akaila participates in the AKC Breeder of Merit program, requiring a minimum numbers of years in AKC events and performing recommended health testing of breeding stock.  All puppies are bred and raised in a family environment. A great deal of emphasis is placed on a safe and enriched environment with lots of socialization for their “formative weeks”.

The puppies will be temperament tested and match with their future families based on preferences of sex and life style. If we do not have just the right puppy for you we will gladly assist you in locating other breeders to contact.